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"Starlight's insights about my past lives have had a major impact on my physical & mental health, as well as several key relationships in my current life."


Life Between Life Readings


What is a Life Between Life Reading?

A Life Between Life Reading differs from a Past Life Reading, in that I go back to the time prior to this current life; if you like, the space between your last incarnation and this one!  By doing this I can see why you agreed to take on this particular incarnation, what you hoped to achieve, and why you brought with you the difficulties and situations that currently face you.

What are the benefits of having a Life Between Life Reading?

It is quicker than a Past Life Reading, usually no more than an hour, because I am not looking to fit particular lives to problems, instead I am looking at why you brought with you what you did.  It explains exactly why your current life has taken the course it has, where it is supposed to be heading, whether you are on track or need to change direction.

Does this mean I donít need a Past Life Reading?

If you have brought karma with you, especially in the form of illness, you may still need to know some of your Past Lives, but the Life Between Life Reading gives a broader picture, puts matters into context and in some cases, can save time in the long run.


How do I know if a Life Between Life Reading is right for me?

When you phone me with your details I will be able to tell you if a Life Between Life Reading is right for you and also whether your problems are to do with past lives at all.

You can contact me on 0121 477 0495.


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