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"Starlight's insights about my past lives have had a major impact on my physical & mental health, as well as several key relationships in my current life."


Why Do I Need a Past Life Reading?

  I have been giving Past Life Readings since 1988 and have
  found that 80% of our problems, especially physical health
  and emotional difficulties, derive from previous incarnations.

How Will Knowing My Past Lives Help Me?

If we have a harrowing experience like falling off a bridge, every time we go near a bridge, we are likely to feel afraid and might even have a panic attack. This can develop into a phobia about bridges and possibly a fear of heights generally, whether it is a tower or a cliff top, because the subconscious mind remembers unpleasant experiences from previous incarnations.
By revealing the past life or lives involved, the block usually dissipates. Sometimes additional help is needed, such as spiritual healing or a remedy, both of which I can offer. Where the trauma involves an attitude, a change of perspective might be called for.

Can You Tell Me How Much Karma I Have Left?

Yes, I can do a Karmic Reading for you, I can also tell you if you can end re-birth this life and the quickest way to clear remaining karma.

Making Karma

Our future rests on the choices we make in this life, and the thoughts and reasoning behind those choices: whether they were made with ‘awareness’ and for the ‘good of all’, or selfishly.From this, future karma for good or ill is accrued.

Complex Situations

Unravelling karma can sometimes be very simple.  If you suffer from migraines it can be because in one or two lives you were beaten about the head, and usually just knowing the lives is enough, one doesn’t necessarily have to see them.  But usually it is very complex, especially as it can also be tied up with current attitudes.  One has to ask, ‘why am I suffering from this condition at this particular time?  Is it something to be just cleared away, is the karma associated with it finished?  Or is it part of a larger picture?’
This, of course, can open up a whole new way of life, the way of self-knowledge.
I will only look into your past lives as part of a consultation for severe health problems or when giving spiritual guidance, if it is relevant.  Please also see my spiritual site, link below, before contacting me to ensure that you are fully conversant with my work.

Children and Past Lives

Children whose problems go back to past lives can be helped even though they are too young to be told the cause. The information will be given to the parent and this will convey itself to the child by the invisible bond that unites them although this will not be enough in itself and a natural remedy or absent healing treatment will also need to be employed.
Not all problems are due to past lives but can still be helped.  I offer a free assessment, up to 15 minutes, for children with severe conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Vaccine Damage and any condition that has not responded to orthodox or homoeopathic treatment. 
Please feel free to phone and enquire.

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