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Space and Energy Clearing 

When we are ill we might think that the cause is diet, stress, past lives or various other reasons, but rarely do we think that where we live might have something to do with it.  Yet, wherever we live, wherever we go, just walking down the street for example, someone has been there before us, and left their energy, an etheric imprint. And we pick up this energy whether we are aware of it or not. This is how places become known as 'accident black spotsí because of the negative energy that has built up after a series of fatalities which no one has thought to clear away.  Indeed, the people who died there may still be there, the shock of what happened to them making them unable to move on. 

It is not only fatal accidents that cause negative energy build up.  Places where battles have taken place, especially those of the Civil War, which ranged all over the country, and the bombings we suffered during the 2ndWW: living near a plague pit, or in a house on a geopathic stress line, all can make us ill, even fatally so.

And if one is living in a house where the previous occupier committed suicide, was raped or murdered, the energy can also affect us and can lead not only to terrible nightmares but even to disturbing events, often known as poltergeist activity, as the spirit of the deceased person tries to make contact with the occupant of the house, in order to either understand their situation or to free them so that they can move on. Sometimes it is not justice that they want, but help to go over the other side.

And the energy need not be recent.  I spent two years travelling around Europe, visiting places where there was terrible bloodshed, human sacrifice, massacres, and fires that engulfed whole towns. Did it make me ill? You bet!

Negative energy can not only make us physically ill, but mentally too.  Feeling suicidal, or as if we are going insane, can all point to negative energy or something going on in your home or the surrounding area.  Even if your house is new, what was there before it could be the cause. 

So if you think that this is a possible cause of your problems, contact me on 0121 477 0495 and I will be able to tell you if this is the case. 


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